Who can practice biofeedback?

In few words, depends on the countres lows, but.......biofeedback is an application branch of psychophysiology, which is a branch of psychology.

Its correct application requires a good training in psychophysiology, a complex science that requires basic university training in experimental psychology and specific training in psychophysiology and biofeedback.

In many countries, however, biofeedback can also be practiced by other professional figures who do not have a specific training in psychophysiology such as physician, nurses and physiotherapists: the advice we give to these professionals, for the protection of health and patient portfolio, is to be supervised by a psychophysiologist with good biofeedback experience.

Knowing how to conduct a biofeedback training does not only mean knowing how to position the electrodes and start the analysis software; biofeedback training is not an automatable process and the powerful analysis software used today is only a support but cannot replace the intellectual work of the biofeedback trainer.

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